New Logo!

I have a new logo! I absolutely LOVE it. It screams my name. It takes both my style and personality into account and combines them together perfectly. Thank you, Jacob!

Okay here it is. Drum roll, please!

Sarah Logo resize












Personally, I find it to be quite amazing  :)

So, for all you other photographers (and business owners) out there, I have a deal for you!

Better book this man fast. He’s positively the least expensive (and highly creative) Graphics Designer in the Asheville area. But on top of that, he’s running an End-of-the-Year special! Originally priced at $150 per logo, mention I referred you and the price will automatically drop down to $100. Book between now and December 31st, and get another $25 knocked off! Bringing your grand total to a mere $75 (for those of you who know anything about Graphic Designers, the average Designer charges between $400-700 per logo) . . . that’s a steal! But don’t take my word for it – scroll down. His work speaks for itself.

Jacob Logo



These are just a few samples from his large collection of handmade logos. Why is he so inexpensive yet so talented, you ask? He’s still in school for this. He doesn’t have that piece of paper that shows hes “capable” of high quality work. I’m thinking the world better watch out once Jacob Brooks graduates! If you think you might be interested, leave me a comment on this blog, shoot me an email at, or contact Jacob directly at (828) 545-0726.

Get settled in, check back often.

Welcome to my new site!

Let me first start off by telling everyone how completely STOKED I am about having my very own blog! I’m not really even sure where to begin. I suppose I’ll start with my most recent shoot and then drop occasional “gems” from past shoots as we go along. It’s fitting I should begin here too – these recent photos were taken of my old college roommate, who is also one of my very best friends  :) Happy 2 1/2 year anniversary, Kendra and Patrick!

IMG_4565 lomo resize



IMG_4683 photoshop

IMG_4708 texture




IMG_4843 photoshop-1

IMG_4864 lomo

IMG_4887 photoshop


I’m so excited to have this spunky new place for my photos! Get settled in, and check back often.

Oh and comment frequently, because I guarantee it will make my day!