So I recently found out that the ‘Contact’ link on my website hasn’t been working for quite some time now. But don’t panic! We’re back up and running now :) I’m SO sorry for any of those who have tried contacting me via my contact form and didn’t receive a response. Please resend anything that might have been sent my way over the last few weeks – I’ve also found out that all messages that were “sent” are unretrievable  :(  But seriously, don’t fret! This wont be happening again!

Well, heres an update on me. A little over a week ago, I participated in my first Bridal Show here in Asheville! Woo! There were over 415 brides there so it was a lot of work … but so much fun! I was such a stressball for the entire week before the festival – I didn’t even decide I was going to participate until the week beforehand! I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to get it all done in time. Thankfully, it all came together just in the nick of time (even if that did involve Chris and I staying up until 4am the night before [on his birthday! Seriously, what would I do without him?], putting the “finishing touches” on things!). Chris and I were actually really pleased with the way our booth turned out given the time crunch and all. It was also quite expensive to rent a booth (let’s not even go there, but we’ll just say it burned a huge hole in my pocket!) BUT thankfully, its already proven to be well worth it. Its only been a little over a week and I’ve already received three bookings as a result of the festival! Let’s just say I am beyond excited for all that is happening now and for all that is to come  :)

And another update! Some of you may have noticed, but my site was temporarily down for a few hours last night and earlier today. It was a glitch, but for good reason! I have exciting news to share…

I HAVE A NEW FLASH WEBSITE THAT WILL BE LAUNCHED WITHIN THE WEEK! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait! No worries, I will still be keeping this blog (are you kidding? I will probably have this thing forever!) I’m just adding more  :)

Check back often, both for the new site and, of course, for photos! I shot an engagement session today for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Catherine and her fiance Renato, and I can’t wait to share their photos. More on them to come too! Soooo, stay posted!  :)

Adra + Richard | Asheville Wedding Photography

Adra are I were old friends from high school. She originally contacted me a few months ago, asking about October 2010. Around the beginning of December, she messaged me and said, “Heyyy…what are you doing around Christmas? I think we’re bumping up our wedding date.” And I am so glad she did. The location in the wintertime and the snow (that we rarely ever get around here) made for such a beautiful wedding. There’s just something about a gorgeous bride in a sleeveless dress in the snow…in the mountains  :) I couldn’t have asked for an easier bride and groom either – they were all smiles and so easy-going. Congrats Adra and Rich!


dress diptych


IMG_0014 vintage resize






bridal diptych

Isn’t she simply stunning? It makes it all the better that this girl is far from your typical “girly-girl” … Adra has been in the Navy since she graduated high school, rides motorcycles, wears Carhartt overalls, and I’m pretty sure the only other time I’ve seen her in a dress was at senior prom  :)

IMG_0216 white










IMG_0227 dark vintage





The ceremony got off to a late start and one of the guests made this while she was waiting … it was just too cute not to capture!


Snagged this one as the sun was setting … Woo hoo for awesome light and amazingly cute couples!