New lens … in the works!

I’ve found a trend among all of my favorite wedding photographers’ photos. The use of a wide-angle lens.


Yep. That’s my (future) baby. It’s Canon’s 16-35mm f/2.8 L series lens. My plan is to own her by next month! I would buy her sooner, but there’s one minor setback: this lens retails at $1699.00.

Goodbye 2009 tax money!!!! I’m refusing to get down and out about it though – I’m choosing to view it as an investment! This is the nicest and fastest lens on the market out of Canon’s ultra wide lenses and I’m convinced its better to “suck it up” now than buy an upgrade only a year later.

Anyway, I literally just walked in from a photoshoot with Holly and Jeff’s one year old son, Riley. I’m going to get onto editing those photos, so stay tuned! I should have them up in a day or two. And trust me, you’ll wanna see this – he’s just the cutest thing EVER!


Catherine + Reno | Asheville Engagement Photography

I’m starting with my new website simply because thats where I left off on my last post!

Its FINALLY done. I was snowed in and slaved over it for an entire weekend but its proven to all be worth it. I love my little website! Here’s a little preview (and please excuse the poor quality of the “Print Screen” command!):

website print screen


website print screen2

Do me a favor and go check it out now  :)

Onto the good stuff – Catherine and Reno! Catherine was my first friend whenever I moved to North Carolina. And to this day she’s still one of my oldest and dearest friends! We each found unique ways to involve the other in our wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph her wedding this upcoming May! Catherine has been quite the national traveler lately so we had to set up this engagement shoot about two months in advanced … I’m so glad it worked out! I got to meet her fiance, Reno, for the first time during this shoot too. He has quite the personality and is quite a catch ; ) Congrats, Catherine and Reno! Your fun personalities totally shine through in this shoot  : ) You’re a beautiful couple and I wish you all my best!

IMG_5472 retro-1 resize


















IMG_5618 resize



I loved how they brought significant items along with them to use as props! Reno turned to his favorite scripture and I snapped this : )


Gotta always have at least one shot of the glowing bride-to-be by herself  :)



ring dyptych resize

And of course, the ever-present ring shot! Congrats again, Catherine and Reno! You are wonderful!