Beth and Bill | Asheville Wedding Photographer

I’ve recently hooked up with two local wedding photographers and requested to second shoot with them. Its not that I lack confidence in my own abilities, more in hope that doing so will make me that much more well-rounded of a photographer! The following images were shot with Alisha Silver Photography :

beth dyptych2 resize

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lamp dyptych3

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I absolutely adore the way Bill is looking at his bride in this next one…

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cake dyptych

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Annnnd, last but not least. I saved my favorite one for last…!

IMG_5347 crop1 vintage logo

Thanks again, Alisha, for letting me tag along with you! I had a blast  :)

Nora Sneak Peek | Asheville Senior Photographer

I just wanted to quickly log on here and post a sneak peek from Nora’s senior session yesterday. Isn’t she beautiful?


IMG_6686-2 logo 

 Be watching – many more to come!

Finally.. a warm, sunny day!

As some of you may know, I have “hired on” an assistant for 2010 wedding season! Her name is Ally, she’s from Georgia and is both talented and super sweet! Here’s a link to her portfolio if you’d like to check out some of her work! Ally will be joining me for a large number of the weddings which require a second photographer. I have a feeling its going to be a fun ride for both of us  : )  I can’t wait!

Soo two weekends ago was the first time the sun has really shown its face in, well … forever! FINALLY we were able to get out of the apartment and enjoy a little sunshine! We went to Richmond Hill for some frisbee golf … and of course, my camera came along  :)  Oh, and please excuse the fact that I’m just now getting these up – photos from actual photoshoots always take precedence over any photos I take in my free time!


IMG_5959 photoshop1

The hiking shoes I bought Chris for his birthdayyy. Woo!



IMG_5963 crop photoshop



Yeppp. That’s my babe!

IMG_6115 photoshop2

Afterwards, we headed downtown for a little camera action. As I have mentioned to some of you, I am also in the process of bringing my husband on board for a few weddings this season. He has a natural eye for finding creative angles in still life subjects and also for finding awesome lighting (pretty sweet for “getting ready” and reception detail shots)! He still needs a bit of work in the portraiture area of photography though. I felt like this gorgeous day was the perfect opportunity to take Chris downtown to “experiment.” Overall, I think he did pretty well!  P.S. I edited all his pictures for him … no worries, I asked him beforehand!

IMG_6004 photoshop


IMG_6009 photoshop

Snuck in one of my own  ;)

IMG_6018 photoshop




IMG_6055 photoshop


IMG_6038 photoshop

Oh, and please be kind and remember – I don’t claim to be a model! I’m much better being the one BEHIND the lens rather than in front  ;)