Asheville Wedding Photographers | Linda and Sean

Linda and Sean are the type that you just can’t help but love. Easy going, loving, nonjudgmental…. they’ve got the whole package and you can’t help but want to be around them. You may remember Linda from the fall session we had a few months ago. She did a great job being my little ‘model’ for the day and you’ll only see more of her absolute gorgeousness throughout this post. (By the way, I know this post is waaaaay late but things are finally starting to settle down around here so after I get all this editing knocked out, I will be concentrating much more on crankin’ out some weddings onto the blog)  :) For now, enjoy these… because these two are beautiful!

beautiful ceremony detailsbeautiful bride, asheville, getting ready image

getting ready, asheville wedding

cute wedding detail

adorable flower girls, asheville ceremonybeautiful artistic bride

intimate asheville wedding

intimate wedding moment, asheville wedding

excited bride and groom

excited flower girl

outdoor asheville wedding, kiss from bride

Linda was able to convince her Grandpa to borrow his treasured Ford Mustang for pictures  :) Ah-may-zing.

old vintage wedding car

vintage ford mustang, asheville wedding

closeup of beautiful bride

candid bride and groom

asheville couple in field

loving couple, asheville couple kiss

asheville rockstar

party in asheville, reception in ashevillesweet couple dancing

Asheville Photo Booth | The official launch of the CliqueIt! Booth!

I just finished editing the photos from the CliqueIt! Booth from Krista and Griff’s wedding and oooooh man, I seriously cannot quit laughing. The creativity their guests bring to these photos is unreal! Check out the awesomeness:

asheville photobooth

photobooth in asheville

funny photobooth

funny cute baby

photo booth collage images

hilarious girls with wine, asheville nc

crazy fun props, people having fun

funny old grandpa

Introducing…………………………The fabulous MR AND MRS GAMBLE!!!

funny bride and groom, asheville nc

Krista & Griff and their guests, it was painfully hard to narrow these down to one blog post because of the absolute hilariousness going on throughout the entire night.


Asheville Wedding Photography | Virginia and Mason

Virginia and Mason were married at the Waynesville Inn & Spa. It was absolutely freezing… for some reason Mother Nature had decided to turn on us and drop the temperature down to the 30s, while the week prior it was in the mid 60s! But through the HotHands Hand warmers, stepping inside for brief moments to thaw out frozen toes, and taking winter jackets on and off for photos…. we made it! And Virginia and Mason were such troopers. I’m fairly certain the freezing temps didn’t affect them at all because as I browse through their photos, they don’t look cold at all – the only thing they look is in love  :)  I know, cheesy. Sorry, couldn’t help it! It’s true!

Onto the good stuff!

beautiful bride, country wedding

laughing bride, kiss on forehead

happy bride at asheville wedding

beautiful asheville ceremony

Okay sooo I know what you’re thinking. “She never includes formal photos! What is this doing here?!” And, you’re right  :) Buuut I just had to include this one. Check out the lighting, especially as it filters through Virginia’s veil! I have never seen lighting as amazing as this. Oh my gosh, for the entire five minutes it lasted… I was in heaven!

unique wedding party

Yet another photo that I rarely take, much less include in my blog post! The ever popular ‘jumping shot’  :) But I had to include it simply because, well…  look at them! Best. groomsmen. party. ever.

father funny toast, country club reception

cute little girl, asheville wedding

It was so precious, after I took the image, this little girl came up to me and said, “Someday I want to be a photographer lady like you!” Ahhhh, m e l t!

wedding ring in waynesville