Senior Photographer Asheville | Alisha

Alisha was my 2013 Senior Model Representative for Homeschool students. I’ve discovered that, generally speaking from my own experiences, homeschoolers have some kind of indescribable special quality about them. They are always vibrant and extremely genuine, and somehow seem to have found a way to preserve their innocence just a little longer than the rest.  :)  Alisha was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed having her in front of my camera so much! She is also debatably one of my very biggest fans, as she shares to her own newsfeed almost every single post I make on Facebook.  


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Downtown Asheville Proposal | Alliemarie + Peter

This post is a prime example of a post that needs nothing but photos to tell the story. I am convinced there is no better job in the world than mine when I get to capture things like THIS.   ♥ 


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And to get the full effect, check out the video below that an onlooker/participant of the Flash Poster Mob recorded of this awesome event!

Trash the Dress | Kelly

When I first met with newly engaged Kelly over dinner to chat about photography, she said, “Have you ever seen one of those Trash-the-Dress sessions before? I want to do THAT!”

Immediately, I knew we were going to be creating something fun and something completely different together. I just didn’t realize how different at the time.

Kelly and I ended up photographing part of her session at the River Arts District. It was there where we captured a lot of fun, dramatic shots of her in her dress, in poses you wouldn’t normally catch a bride in on or before her wedding day. Then, we were off to the biggest mud hole we could find in Asheville. That’s where the fun REALLY began.  :)  We managed to thoroughly soil her dress and entire body in mud from head to toe while capturing endless amounts of fun, off-the-wall images. And after it was over, Kelly put her dress in a trash bag, said goodbye to it, and dropped it off in a dumpster on the way home.  (!!!)

Now, Kelly is not your typical bride. She’s SO very lovable, but she’s also extreme and daring and wants nothing to do with anything that everybody else is doing. So please, don’t start thinking that a Trash-the-Dress session automatically equates to dropping your dress off in the dumpster or setting it on fire or something extreme like that.  ;)  Often times it simply means dressing back up in your amazing wedding attire one last time, and taking more pretty photos in places where you wouldn’t normally go when you’re otherwise concerned about getting even in the least bit dirty. A Trash-the-Dress session is about YOU and expressing yourself, and can be as crazy or as tame as YOU want it to be.


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