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Adra are I were old friends from high school. She originally contacted me a few months ago, asking about October 2010. Around the beginning of December, she messaged me and said, “Heyyy…what are you doing around Christmas? I think we’re bumping up our wedding date.” And I am so glad she did. The location in the wintertime and the snow (that we rarely ever get around here) made for such a beautiful wedding. There’s just something about a gorgeous bride in a sleeveless dress in the snow…in the mountains  :) I couldn’t have asked for an easier bride and groom either – they were all smiles and so easy-going. Congrats Adra and Rich!


dress diptych


IMG_0014 vintage resize






bridal diptych

Isn’t she simply stunning? It makes it all the better that this girl is far from your typical “girly-girl” … Adra has been in the Navy since she graduated high school, rides motorcycles, wears Carhartt overalls, and I’m pretty sure the only other time I’ve seen her in a dress was at senior prom  :)

IMG_0216 white










IMG_0227 dark vintage





The ceremony got off to a late start and one of the guests made this while she was waiting … it was just too cute not to capture!


Snagged this one as the sun was setting … Woo hoo for awesome light and amazingly cute couples!


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  1. adra says:

    you are so sweet! thanks for all the sweet things you said!!! you are so great at photography!! you were so great working with us, we had no idea what to do!! people would be a fool not to hire you to capture their most special moments! thanks again!

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