Asheville Engagement Photographer | Courtney and Dustin

Courtney and Dustin are high school sweethearts (let’s hear it because I know we’re all thinking it — ‘Awww!’) If you’ve ever known someone with an absolutely contagious smile who has the ability to light up a room when they walk into it, that would be Courtney. One of the first things she said to me when I commented on it was, “My smile and eyes are so crazy, I’ve been asked so many times in the past if I’m Asian!” No, my dear, just 100% adorable.

As for Dustin, one glance at him while he’s with Courtney and you can tell that he’s totally, completely, helplessly, head-over-heels in love with her. As cliche, as that may sound, it’s nothing short of the truth. For instance, during our session, I asked them to do something crazy and climb a tree (I ask my clients to do absurd things quite often – anything for the shot, right?!) Courtney, being her adorable self, was the brave one and was the first to begin climbing. Little more than five steps up the tree and she comes rolling back down it as if she’s transformed into Sonic the Hedgehog. After realizing she was 100% okay and how Sonic himself couldn’t have taken a more graceful of a fall, the two of us burst into laughter. Dustin, well…. he needed a little more convincing. You could see the concern in his eyes and after about ten minutes of asking Courtney if she was okay, scolding her that she shouldn’t have been so daring, and specifically asking if certain body parts were still in tact, he was finally convinced that his fiance was in good shape  :)  It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Courtney and Dustin, y’all are so awesome. Please know that I am counting down the days until your wedding.

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…and please take a guess as to where this adorable couples goes to college  :)

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21 responses to “Asheville Engagement Photographer | Courtney and Dustin”

  1. Diana says:

    These are amazing. I absolutely adore the last picture….so sultry!

  2. csanad says:

    great set and – i agree – the last one is a killer!

  3. Matthew Mead says:

    Such big smiles! lovely work.

    Loving the bus trip idea!

  4. zUdio says:

    I love the last photo – it looks so intimate and secret. Great job :)

  5. Gemma says:

    Awww these two are super-cute! Love these pictures :-)

  6. Keao says:

    I love the picture of them sharing a drink. Is that a cafe in a bus? Whatever it is, that is so cool. And you totally made it styling. Awesome job.

  7. I like the 53 1/2 photo composition and colors. Also, gotta love that double decker bus. Good thing it wasn’t moving ;)

  8. I really like the variety of this set :) Great ideas and they’re adorable!

  9. andy stenz says:

    i love the colors in the first few – the one with 51 1/2 is my favorite!

  10. John Stickel says:

    Nice engagement session. She makes some really wonderful expressions when she looks at him and smiles.

  11. Love the colors and the textures of the walls and backgrounds! Courtney and Dustin seem SO comfortable around each other.

  12. Could they be any cuter! Awesome job Sarah.

  13. Nessa K says:

    What a cute session – and you found some of the most brightly colored locations I’ve ever seen! Love. =)

  14. Very cute session! Love the almost kiss!

  15. They are seriously cute together. I found myself smiling back at them when looking at their photos. :D

  16. Jeremy says:

    Such great emotion and details in your shots. I love the bus cafe!

  17. What a fun session – love the ones on the bus – wonderful!

  18. Luis Toledo says:

    Oh Sarah, those are great! I especially love 53 and a half. Wonderful, thank you.

  19. Love the ones in the bus, or is it a train car? So cool and colorful. :)

  20. Heather says:

    I adore that third one and the one on the stump. Wonderful work- they are adorable!

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