Asheville Engagement Photography | Sarah + Dane

Meet Sarah + Dane. I love everything about them. Their personalities, how insanely photogenic they are, the way they are so effortlessly and visibly in love with one another, the fact that they’ve been together for over seven years now… and even all the way down to their choice in wedding venues. It just so happens that Chris and I almost chose Rumbling Bald as our own wedding venue about three years ago.  =)  Anywhere you turn and as far as the eye can see, is simply beauty. For so many reasons, I’m in love with that place.  =)

Here’s a peek into their engagement photos from last summer around Asheville. See what I mean about 1) being so photogenic and 2) being so visibly in love…?

Also… is it just me, or does Sarah have an incredible resemblance to Mary-Kate & Ashley, the Olson Twins?!

unique engagement photos


Sarah + Dane were married just a few weeks ago, so just to keep your whistles wet, here is a small preview of their beautiful day!  <3

rumbling bald north carolina
See, I wasn’t lying about its beauty, was I? =)

rumbling bald wedding photographer

lake lure wedding photographer

And be sure to check out another small sneak peek of their wedding day on Facebook. =)
HUGE congrats, Sarah + Dane! Here’s to hoping you had the time of your lives in Cancun, Mexico! <3

10 responses to “Asheville Engagement Photography | Sarah + Dane”

  1. AllieMarie Price says:

    Fabulous work again Rominger ; )!

    Lovely congrats to Sarah and Dane! 

    P.S. Love you dress ; )

  2. Jenny Tenney says:

    Beautiful!!  Can’t wait to see more from their wedding.  I am shooting at Rumbling Bald this weekend!  So excited.  Glad to hear you love it.  It will be my first time there.

  3. this couple is so adorable! i especially love the wedding sneak peeks- can’t wait to see the rest!

  4. Darin says:

    They are so very adorable. And so beautifully photographed

  5. Rebecca says:

    wow a very lovely couple!! I love that you posted a few wedding pics after as well, I’d love to see it when it’s posted. That last wedding shot is magic. Loved the session.

  6. Adonye Jaja says:

    what a lovely set, and a beautiful couple! 

  7. Lovely images Sarah, really beautifully done :)

  8. I love the last frame on the lake! Asheville is so beautiful. 

  9. That last shot is absolutely killer! So perfect!

  10. Nessa K says:

    I cannot wait to see the rest of their wedding pictures — their session was so amazing! 

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