Asheville NC Wedding Photographer | Casey and Josh

Casey and I met at the Wedding Festival back in January. We had this instant connection the moment we first met and she has this amazing connection with the camera (which I discovered during her bridal pictures- coming right up)!! To say this girl is an absolute beauty both inside and out would be an understatement sooo I will just let the photos speak for themselves  :)  Enjoy!

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Thanks to Ally Mauro for the amazing image below!

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17 responses to “Asheville NC Wedding Photographer | Casey and Josh”

  1. Melody says:

    I adore the dip at the alter…very nice photos

  2. Kinsey says:

    I always love when you post new blogs because I get to get excited for you to take our wedding pictures all over again!

  3. Casey says:

    Thanks you Sarah for capturing our amazing day!!!! :-)

  4. Liz Duren says:

    Beautiful! You did a great job for them. He’s a dipper and a lifter! That’s awesome!!

  5. seth goodman says:

    Great photos! I really like the kiss on the dance floor.

  6. Superb work, they look great and you sure did capture that :)

  7. LOVE the reflection image. Perfect. Great images throughout.

  8. Darko says:

    Great set. That first shot is stunning!!!

  9. Love that reflection shot of the bride by the lake!

  10. Paul Rowland says:

    That black and white image of her looking down is epic.

  11. That first shot is absolutely stunning. Great capture on the 1st kiss as well!

  12. Ariana says:

    Gorgeous set of photos! I love the photo of the lift!

  13. Shella says:

    She’s so gorgeous! Nice job :)

  14. Tricia says:

    Absolutely stunning. I love the lighting in the first one, but all of them are gorgeous

  15. Christina Fox says:

    Amazing work as always! Def LOVE the Barn Pic and the Lake Reflection! Def my taste :)

  16. Heather says:


    I love these! She is indeed stunning, and you just nailed it. Well done!

  17. Love the one of the bride by the water. The caught reflection is perfect. :)

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