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AllieMarie’s energy is both amazing and seriously contagious. Her contact email to me went something like this….

“I get butterflies just looking at your website and realizing how much I love your style. You seem so jovial!

It is rather exciting. I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE HOW EXCITED I AM! And when we make this happen, we

will have to find a field because I belong with the sun and the flowers!”

And that’s exactly what we did.

It’s no secret that high school seniors are one of my absolute favorite sessions. Particularly this one. AllieMarie is t h e most bubbly girl I’ve ever met. What could possibly make this better? She’s beautiful (inside and out) and she’s a photographer. I would only give her the slightest direction…to which her never failing response would be, “Oh yeahhhh! I know where you’re going with this!”  Oh, and her cuuuute(!!) boyfriend got to come along too! A few words from AllieMarie about Kevin:

“He is such a great little model because he’s confident enough to stand up straight,

but humble enough to let everyone tell him how to stand/pose. You’ll love him!”

And that I did  :)  Okay enough reading. IMAGES!

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And yes, just fyi. The camera in the images below…AllieMarie actually knows how to use  :) She’s a Canon girl!  :D


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Okay, so I know I’m committing a photographer cardinal sin by posting both the color and b&w versions of this image…but I just couldn’t help it! I can’t decide, maybe you blog readers can  :)

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AllieMarie saw a shot from Melanie & Shawn’s engagement session that she fell in love with and asked me to recreate something similar for her and Kevin. Miss AllieMarie…you got it!

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AllieMarie and I will be working together again to help build her Miss USA Teen Pageant portfolio! SO excited.

AllieMarie- Thank you for allowing me to capture such an important time in your life. You are absolutely precious and I hope these are everything you wanted and more! See you soon  :)


17 responses to “Asheville Senior Portrait Photographer | AllieMarie”

  1. AllieMarie Price says:

    SARAH! How fantastically marvelous this blog is!!! I think I just got second wind of senior picture excitement =] I love how you quoted our emails =] Kevin is going to get all giggly with me when he see’s this. I already forsee his response…”And so my modeling career begins!” ;] I can hardly wait to work with you again. We are going to rock out the pageant gowns…and brightttt yellow swimsuit portraits. Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful from the first picture to the last. I encourage every senior to find their nitch and immerse themselves in their passions and elements with you because you are a MASTER CAPTURE-ER (sounds like a pirate photographer). I am so excited that you put in the comments about my love for photography as well; another one of your thoughtful moments. You might truly be THE greatest.
    With so much love,

  2. Shell Bailey says:

    You rocked this shoot! Awesome work! Alliemarie looks stunning.

  3. shipra says:

    *GASP* She’s adorable and beautiful and vibrant and, OH, you must be thrilled to pieces with these images, Sarah!!!

  4. Heather says:

    Gorgeous photos! AllieMarie looks like she had so much fun! Awesome job!

  5. Gina says:

    oh my, what an adorable couple! You did an amazing job here. Love how their personalities are expressed so wonderfully in your portrait work.

  6. So fun and fresh! My favourite shot has to be the one of her sitting on top of the fence with the guitar.

  7. Joshua Gull says:

    Sarah, wow wow wow! So so many beautiful images of what looks like a really fun and photogenic couple. You seriously knocked this one out of the park, grand slam style! I just can’t get over how many amazing shots are in here, the first and third one, the one where there noses are touching, the shot you recreated, all of the black and whites, all the closer shots. Absolutely excellent work!

  8. Jessie says:

    These are amazing. So many of these look like they could be album covers!

  9. Jared Tseng says:

    Really cute couple + gorgeous lighting = WIN!

  10. Robb Duncan says:

    Wow!! Truly inspiring images Sarah, and your genuine connection to your clients really shows with images of who they really are.

  11. brie says:

    What a fantastic set! I love the light, and the black and white’s are gorgeous!

  12. Sam Obeid says:

    WOW, great images and it looks like so much fun. I say that because senior sessions are just something that doesn’t happen up here in Toronto. Well done!

  13. These are SOO good. I love all of them!

    The series of her in the white dress looks like a country singer press shoot. Great shots and a beautiful girl. Her friends are definitely going to be jealous.

  14. Becca Dilley says:

    Beautiful and really fun. The light is beautiful.

  15. Lee says:

    I wish my senior portrait session looked like this!

  16. Awesome! what a great looking couple :)

  17. Rachel says:

    LOVE the unbrella picture! These are great!

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