Asheville Wedding Photographers | Linda and Sean

Linda and Sean are the type that you just can’t help but love. Easy going, loving, nonjudgmental…. they’ve got the whole package and you can’t help but want to be around them. You may remember Linda from the fall session we had a few months ago. She did a great job being my little ‘model’ for the day and you’ll only see more of her absolute gorgeousness throughout this post. (By the way, I know this post is waaaaay late but things are finally starting to settle down around here so after I get all this editing knocked out, I will be concentrating much more on crankin’ out some weddings onto the blog)  :) For now, enjoy these… because these two are beautiful!

beautiful ceremony detailsbeautiful bride, asheville, getting ready image

getting ready, asheville wedding

cute wedding detail

adorable flower girls, asheville ceremonybeautiful artistic bride

intimate asheville wedding

intimate wedding moment, asheville wedding

excited bride and groom

excited flower girl

outdoor asheville wedding, kiss from bride

Linda was able to convince her Grandpa to borrow his treasured Ford Mustang for pictures  :) Ah-may-zing.

old vintage wedding car

vintage ford mustang, asheville wedding

closeup of beautiful bride

candid bride and groom

asheville couple in field

loving couple, asheville couple kiss

asheville rockstar

party in asheville, reception in ashevillesweet couple dancing

23 responses to “Asheville Wedding Photographers | Linda and Sean”

  1. Wow – these photographs have soul! What an awesome couple. Beautiful photographs. I feel like ordering an album myself! Impressed.

  2. Wow – these photographs have soul! What a beautiful couple – they look great. I almost feel like ordering an album myself!

  3. LOVE the one of the couple running back down the aisle. Such happiness and joy. :)

  4. Such a fun wedding! Love the B & W one of Linda with 2 little girls :)

  5. Lovely work! The shots with the car are especially nice

  6. Joshua Gull says:

    Great work Sarah, and I especially love your black and white work. Really incredible shots overall.

  7. Preston says:

    Great job capturing all the emotion. They will undoubtedly be very happy with what you produced for them.

  8. Jakob says:

    The last one is great. As is the black and white close up a few photos up. Looks like a really fun wedding too.

  9. great job on this wedding! love the b&w.

  10. Dawn Lory says:

    You are a rock star!!!! This shoot is beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sally says:

    These are so awesome, and I just love her dress!!! Beautiful!

  12. Magan Blasig says:

    Very beautiful, Sarah! Love the bride’s beautiful contagious smile. You did a wonderful job capturing such great moments.

  13. These are gorgeous! I love how happy and exuberant the couple is in that running up the aisle shot!

  14. Rae says:

    Gorgeous couple and so well shot! I love the close up image 4th from the bottom. A definite fav. SHe’s beautiful!! Actually would love to know what lens you shot it with?? :)

  15. Eliza says:

    I love her dress! And that car is fab. I agree with Bert, these photos really show the couple’s souls.

  16. Jared Tseng says:

    LOVE IT! Simple and clean, but full of emotion.

  17. alexis says:

    gorgeous. What a beautiful bride!

  18. Becca Dilley says:

    You captured a lot of great and emotional expressions throughout the weddin.

  19. Heather says:

    I adore that black and white of the bride with the two young girls. gorgeous!

  20. Bill Millios says:

    I love the black and white of her with the two girls. She looks almost like Lindsay Wagner. Great job – such happiness and joy!

  21. Kristen Vaughan says:

    Love all the photos Sarah!! You’re very talented.

  22. Kat Forsyth says:

    oh goodness, what a sweet couple! LOVE your lighting for their portraits and in the reception. The b & w portrait 4th from the end is killer.

  23. farout what a RAD set of images, absolutely digging the shots with the mustang! SO hot!

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