Asheville Wedding Photography | Laura + Kirby

Laura and Kirby’s wedding took place in Nashville, Tennessee at the beautiful Scarritt Bennett Center inside the Wightman Chapel. We don’t have venues like this in Asheville… and when Laura originally contacted me and told me about her venue, I was ecstatic! The architectural style of these solid stone buildings will take your breath away. So serene.

Laura and Kirby are an awesome couple. It was evident how much every person that attended their wedding simply adored them. Weddings like these are my absolute favorite kind of weddings to photograph. The kind where I have to keep my camera pressed closely to my face so no one sees me tearing up  ;)

Laura and Kirby are both in the U.S. Army (coincidental that I’m posting this on Memorial Day? I think not!) and because Laura’s orders kept changing, we weren’t able to schedule her bridal session prior to the wedding. But, no worries! We were able to squeeze in a few bridal portraits before the ceremony and I am sooo glad we did because… well, simply put, Laura transformed. I know that sounds cheesy or cliche or whatever else you can think of to call it, but it’s true. Her bridal portraits took place at the Wyndham Union Station and the overall look and feel of them matches perfectly to that of her wedding! Please scroll down and check out her complete gorgeousness.

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The Wightman Chapel… told ya it was gorgeous  =)

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15 responses to “Asheville Wedding Photography | Laura + Kirby”

  1. Anton Chia says:

    The location is indeed beautiful! I really like how you had make great use of it and taking those portraits into fine art pieces. Wonderful job!

  2. Leah Kua says:

    These are really lovely. The portraits of the bride are exquisite. She must be so, so happy to have been captured so beautifully.

  3. Kyle says:

    What a gorgeous bride. This couple and these photos look straight out of a magazine!

  4. Tall says:

    Beautiful wedding! Great catch on that exit shot! Nice!

  5. Leah Muse says:

    That first portrait of Laura is killer! What a gorgeous couple.

  6. Josh says:

    Love this post! So fun and adorable, incredible job!

  7. Porter says:

    GORGEOUS i seriously LOVE that first diptych of her, the colors are fantastic. beautiful work

  8. gabe aceves says:

    these are really lovely sarah

  9. Beautiful work. A really lovely wedding, amazingly captured.

  10. Joshua Gull says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful location, and beautiful images. Great job Sarah!

  11. such a beautiful wedding!!! what a fabulous looking bride!

  12. megan noonan says:

    Beatiful work, the bridal portraits are fantastic!

  13. Katie Moore says:

    LOVE! These shots are amazing. So clear and beautiful. So proud of you!

  14. Marie Lloyd says:

    These are lovely. I really like the black and white where they are standing in the arch

  15. Heather says:

    This is some INCREDIBLE work, Sarah. I adore the last two bridal portraits. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

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