Beth and Bill | Asheville Wedding Photographer

I’ve recently hooked up with two local wedding photographers and requested to second shoot with them. Its not that I lack confidence in my own abilities, more in hope that doing so will make me that much more well-rounded of a photographer! The following images were shot with Alisha Silver Photography :

beth dyptych2 resize

IMG_5210 logo

IMG_5218 logo3

lamp dyptych3

IMG_5540 logo

I absolutely adore the way Bill is looking at his bride in this next one…

IMG_5539 logo

IMG_5544 logo

IMG_5715 logo

IMG_5787 logo

food collage logo resize

cake dyptych

IMG_5668 logo

IMG_5308 logo

IMG_5730 logo

Annnnd, last but not least. I saved my favorite one for last…!

IMG_5347 crop1 vintage logo

Thanks again, Alisha, for letting me tag along with you! I had a blast  :)

6 responses to “Beth and Bill | Asheville Wedding Photographer”

  1. Diana says:

    These are beautiful Sarah!!!

  2. Ashley Hughes says:

    Sarah how I wish you could of taken my wedding photo’s! You are good girl! Keep it up! And when we come up I’d love for you to take family pics of us! But I’ve already told ya that! Talented girl :)

  3. Dawn says:

    Beautiful photos, Sarah!!!!!

  4. Katie Moore says:


  5. Catherine Cottam says:

    These are wonderful! You are so good at capturing personality.

  6. Great pictures! Your logo looks great as well!!!

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