Catherine + Reno | Asheville Engagement Photography

I’m starting with my new website simply because thats where I left off on my last post!

Its FINALLY done. I was snowed in and slaved over it for an entire weekend but its proven to all be worth it. I love my little website! Here’s a little preview (and please excuse the poor quality of the “Print Screen” command!):

website print screen


website print screen2

Do me a favor and go check it out now  :)

Onto the good stuff – Catherine and Reno! Catherine was my first friend whenever I moved to North Carolina. And to this day she’s still one of my oldest and dearest friends! We each found unique ways to involve the other in our wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph her wedding this upcoming May! Catherine has been quite the national traveler lately so we had to set up this engagement shoot about two months in advanced … I’m so glad it worked out! I got to meet her fiance, Reno, for the first time during this shoot too. He has quite the personality and is quite a catch ; ) Congrats, Catherine and Reno! Your fun personalities totally shine through in this shoot  : ) You’re a beautiful couple and I wish you all my best!

IMG_5472 retro-1 resize


















IMG_5618 resize



I loved how they brought significant items along with them to use as props! Reno turned to his favorite scripture and I snapped this : )


Gotta always have at least one shot of the glowing bride-to-be by herself  :)



ring dyptych resize

And of course, the ever-present ring shot! Congrats again, Catherine and Reno! You are wonderful!


So I recently found out that the ‘Contact’ link on my website hasn’t been working for quite some time now. But don’t panic! We’re back up and running now :) I’m SO sorry for any of those who have tried contacting me via my contact form and didn’t receive a response. Please resend anything that might have been sent my way over the last few weeks – I’ve also found out that all messages that were “sent” are unretrievable  :(  But seriously, don’t fret! This wont be happening again!

Well, heres an update on me. A little over a week ago, I participated in my first Bridal Show here in Asheville! Woo! There were over 415 brides there so it was a lot of work … but so much fun! I was such a stressball for the entire week before the festival – I didn’t even decide I was going to participate until the week beforehand! I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to get it all done in time. Thankfully, it all came together just in the nick of time (even if that did involve Chris and I staying up until 4am the night before [on his birthday! Seriously, what would I do without him?], putting the “finishing touches” on things!). Chris and I were actually really pleased with the way our booth turned out given the time crunch and all. It was also quite expensive to rent a booth (let’s not even go there, but we’ll just say it burned a huge hole in my pocket!) BUT thankfully, its already proven to be well worth it. Its only been a little over a week and I’ve already received three bookings as a result of the festival! Let’s just say I am beyond excited for all that is happening now and for all that is to come  :)

And another update! Some of you may have noticed, but my site was temporarily down for a few hours last night and earlier today. It was a glitch, but for good reason! I have exciting news to share…

I HAVE A NEW FLASH WEBSITE THAT WILL BE LAUNCHED WITHIN THE WEEK! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait! No worries, I will still be keeping this blog (are you kidding? I will probably have this thing forever!) I’m just adding more  :)

Check back often, both for the new site and, of course, for photos! I shot an engagement session today for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Catherine and her fiance Renato, and I can’t wait to share their photos. More on them to come too! Soooo, stay posted!  :)

New Logo!

I have a new logo! I absolutely LOVE it. It screams my name. It takes both my style and personality into account and combines them together perfectly. Thank you, Jacob!

Okay here it is. Drum roll, please!

Sarah Logo resize












Personally, I find it to be quite amazing  :)

So, for all you other photographers (and business owners) out there, I have a deal for you!

Better book this man fast. He’s positively the least expensive (and highly creative) Graphics Designer in the Asheville area. But on top of that, he’s running an End-of-the-Year special! Originally priced at $150 per logo, mention I referred you and the price will automatically drop down to $100. Book between now and December 31st, and get another $25 knocked off! Bringing your grand total to a mere $75 (for those of you who know anything about Graphic Designers, the average Designer charges between $400-700 per logo) . . . that’s a steal! But don’t take my word for it – scroll down. His work speaks for itself.

Jacob Logo



These are just a few samples from his large collection of handmade logos. Why is he so inexpensive yet so talented, you ask? He’s still in school for this. He doesn’t have that piece of paper that shows hes “capable” of high quality work. I’m thinking the world better watch out once Jacob Brooks graduates! If you think you might be interested, leave me a comment on this blog, shoot me an email at, or contact Jacob directly at (828) 545-0726.