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Simply put, Kayla was honestly the most laid back bride I’ve ever seen. People (and hey- photographers sometimes, too!) always try to rush you through the motions on your wedding day and Kayla simply wouldn’t have it. She made a point to enjoy and soak up every single moment. It was amazinggg  :)  The wedding took place at the Lake Lure Inn & Spa on June 5, 2010 and it was absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been anxiously awaiting to post the shots from Kayla’s bridal session as well (now that the wedding is over, I can share them- yay!) and we’ll start with those because she looked amazing, as you will soon see!

Another big thanks goes out to Carlyne, my talented assistant and second shooter for the day!

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The following images suit Kayla and Jason well- they are such a hilarious couple!

my version  :)

my version :)

Carlyne's version!

Carlyne's version!

The bride's nephew is toasting his grandfather. How cute is this?!

The bride's nephew is toasting his grandfather. How cute is this?!

The game that was being played during the pictures below was absolutely hilarious. I wish I would have thought to use it in my own wedding! You can put two-and-two together about what’s going on here  :)

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IMG_9103 blog

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Classic, you two. Love it! Congratulations again– I was so happy to be a part of your big day!

3 responses to “Kayla and Jason | Asheville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Kayla Stanley says:

    Sarah! I looovveee all the ones you put on here! They are just a handful of my favs! Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and photographer. Our wedding just would not have been the same without you! LLLOVVEEE YOU!

  2. Melissa says:

    Finally! Ha!! Sarah these are beautiful!! Kayla looks amazing! She is the happiest bride I have seen since you =)

  3. Liz Duren says:

    These pictures are really beautiful. You did a remarkable job for this family.

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