Melanie & Shawn Sneak Peek | Asheville Engagement Photographer

Here’s a sneak peek from Melanie and Shawn’s engagement session last weekend. Melanie and I went to college together and she contacted me after seeing my work pop up on facebook  ;)  I had the chance to meet Shawn this past Sunday and he seems to be the perfect match for Melanie (he’s quite a driven guy, too! Which it’s always nice to know you’re marrying someone who is motivated about life  :) ). Check it out, they’re such a beautiful couple!

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And on a side note, this is the first session where I got to use my brand new camera!!!! I am so incredibly happy with it, I can already tell such a difference.

More to come on Melanie & Shawn, so stay tuned!

2 responses to “Melanie & Shawn Sneak Peek | Asheville Engagement Photographer”

  1. Dawn says:

    This picture is beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Awesome picture… I’m very excited for Melanie and Shawn!

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