New lens … in the works!

I’ve found a trend among all of my favorite wedding photographers’ photos. The use of a wide-angle lens.


Yep. That’s my (future) baby. It’s Canon’s 16-35mm f/2.8 L series lens. My plan is to own her by next month! I would buy her sooner, but there’s one minor setback: this lens retails at $1699.00.

Goodbye 2009 tax money!!!! I’m refusing to get down and out about it though – I’m choosing to view it as an investment! This is the nicest and fastest lens on the market out of Canon’s ultra wide lenses and I’m convinced its better to “suck it up” now than buy an upgrade only a year later.

Anyway, I literally just walked in from a photoshoot with Holly and Jeff’s one year old son, Riley. I’m going to get onto editing those photos, so stay tuned! I should have them up in a day or two. And trust me, you’ll wanna see this – he’s just the cutest thing EVER!


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