Senior Photography Asheville | Kinsey

When you receive an email from a current high school senior containing as much awesomeness as this:

I see pictures of me outside in my favorite cowgirl boots. I love my creative style and fashion, so boring old studio portraits are not for me. I could run barefoot in the field below my house with my hands in the air wearing my cap and gown and think it would be an amazing memory. I like the contrast between light and dark, bright colors, nature and it’s beauty and being in it. Tip toeing in the creek with my prom dress on, sitting on the top of my truck crisscross applesauce style. Leaning against the railing on my porch with my graduation cap on the floor below me and my gown wrinkled as I look into the amazing view we have. A reflection in water showing an outline of me holding my graduation cap and degree. I have plenty ideas and all I need is someone with the eye to catch them and create more!

…you know it’s going to be an amazing session.

Say hello to Kinsey; a beauty, and an artist herself.


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